Speak Your Migraine

Migraine is the third most debilitating disease in the world, yet is often dismissed as ‘just a bad headache’. After speaking to patient groups across the world, we found migraine is a constant threat to sufferers – robbing them of precious time with family and friends. Migraine interrupts work and can take up to half their lives. We wanted to build a strong and supportive online community, with a voice loud enough to overcome the stigma of migraine. Within its first 12 months, Speak Your Migraine was averaging over 7.7k page likes and 4k comments per month on Facebook and had achieved over 210k website visits.

“I have just come across this Facebook page and I have to be honest, I cried when I watched your videos about Jane and being at work. I have just recovered from a week-long migraine and neuralgia. It is so good to see this page, ensuring that migraines get the awareness and recognition in the workplace that they deserve. It is good to be able to message you guys. Thank you”

– Community member