We believe our work speaks for itself
Bad Barista
Through a humorous film set in a cafe, we overturned the perception that generic prescribing should be the default option for asthma patients.

How best to influence doctors to prescribe by brand in an area of medicine where generics are sometimes seen as the easy option? A humorous film set in a cafe of course! This film was used as part of a multichannel campaign aimed at HCPs to drive awareness of the importance of prescribing the right brand to get the right outcomes for asthma patients.

COPD Crowdshaped
Address the global challenge of COPD by harnessing 50 of the world’s most progressive thinkers — all non-HCPs — to generate innovations free from pharma conventions.

Despite huge therapeutic investment, the challenge of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) still remains. New ‘beyond the pill’ solutions are needed to improve the lives of the millions around the world struggling to breathe daily; what if we could use free-thinking and innovative approaches to ideation to change this? This is why COPD Crowdshaped was born…

National Meningitis Association
Continually generate awareness for Meningococcal Disease, a rare but devastating disease, and inform key audiences the importance of vaccination.

Meningococcal Disease is devastating but very rare in the U.S. with about 1,000 cases per year. We have worked closely with the National Meningitis Association (NMA) for 15 years. In addition to a suite of advocate videos which have been shared extensively via social media, we created a television PSA series that even after a full year of tracking, continues to rank in the top 9% Nielsen-monitored PSAs. These resources inform key audiences and impel action via vaccination.

I’m Worth
Encourage and empower hepatitis C patients to overcome existing stigma. Convince them that they are worth the best care and the chance to cure their condition.

Developed and executed for Gilead Sciences, the I’m Worth… campaign aims to address the stigma that many people with hepatitis C face, encouraging and empowering people living with the virus to access care in a timely manner no matter how or when they were infected. The campaign, which is coming into its second year, centres on mobilizing patients living with hepatitis C to feel worth the best care, bringing patient groups together to help amplify the patient voice and raising awareness of hepatitis C and the chance for cure in the public via media outreach and digital channels.

HIV: The Long View
A forward-looking health initiative working to drive discussion and action on the long-term needs of people living with and at risk for HIV.

Scientific advances are happening at breakneck speed even as access to care is evolving and expanding. HIV needs a long view and reinvigorated conversation. Working with a Coalition of a diverse group of partner organizations who represent and support some of the communities most heavily impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic today, we developed HIV: The Long View a forward-looking health initiative working to drive discussion and action on the long-term needs of people living with and at risk for HIV.

Freestyle Libre
Transforming how diabetes patients monitor their glucose levels so that they can take control of their health without the pain of routine finger pricking.

For most of the many people with diabetes, finger pricking is a painful and unavoidable way to monitor their blood glucose. We created a series of communications, aimed at HCPs and the general public, to demonstrate there can be a simple and painless alternative for patients to monitor their diabetes. This inspires them to live their best life through better health.