Katerina Kelesidi

Behavioural Sciences Lead, Behavioural Sciences

Katerina leads the behavioural sciences and change offering in Health Unlimited, through the design and development of programmes that have robust behaviour change metrics and ROI, informed by evidence-based frameworks.

With a background in behavioural psychology and many years spent in academic and clinical practice, she creates bespoke strategic consultancy programmes, working with cross-functional teams across therapy areas and the product lifecycle. Her focus is partnering with the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries to red-thread patient-centricity across teams and initiatives, for better health outcomes.

Katerina has worked in clinical settings and been a part of many academic psychology research groups. Her deep knowledge of research translates into leading global pharmaceutical market research, market access, and medical education, as well as communication programmes. She continues to get involved with academic research groups and attending behavioural sciences networks that can shake and shape the latest thinking in the healthcare space.